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Train The Trainer Certifications

Why 500 Corporate Trainers and People Developers from around the world
Transformed their Career, Income, and Personal Lives With the DC Psychology Train The Trainer Certification

Internationally Recognized Certifications

The American Institute of Business Psychology has accredited the DC Train the Trainer Certification, which offers 4 internationally recognized certifications in directive communication psychology (AIOBP). Students who fulfill the requirements may receive AIOBP Internationally Accredited Certificates in “Leadership Psychology” from DC Certified Trainers.

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Colored Brain Online Practitioner Certification

Discover how to have more influence to be successful in the process of achieving objectives using Colored Brain


Colored Brain Trainer Certification

A 3-days workshop to be more competent in the application of Colored Brain psychology for implementation in training and coaching to achieve behavior change and improve synergy to support High Performing Teams and Relationships


DC Psychology Trainer Certification

A 6-days workshop to improve your leadership and management skills, create and deliver keynote speeches, workshops, and coaching

Work Gamification Trainer Certification

A 2-days workshop with an intensive understanding of the psychology of Work Gamification and how to use it for improving performance in organizations or teams


Certified Culture Consultant

Earn up to$12,000 a week helping companies “Measurably” improve their engagement and efficiency, and supporting Digital Transformation initiatives. Get a complete system, implementation process, tools, and marketing to make an impact, make money, and get more recognition as an expert.


Experts MBA

A 2-days workshop for Trainers, Speakers, Consultants and Coaches who have a desire to use their wisdom and brand to create an “automated” business


DC Train The Trainer Certifications

A 7-day workshop that can change your life is founded on Directive Communication psychology and is called Arthur Carmazzi’s Corporate Trainer Certification (Train The Trainer) program. Techniques from DC Psychology courses like Colored Brain, Being Right, Emotional Drive, Postures, Dynamic Speaking, and Heros Way are used in this Train the Trainer. The goals of this train-the-trainer workshop are to improve your leadership and management abilities by fusing your existing experience and skill sets with Directive Communication Psychology. You will also learn how to design and deliver keynote addresses, workshops, and coaching that result in up to 42% more retention and 38% more implementation than other experience-based training. The American Institute of Business Psychology has accredited the DC Psychology Train the Trainer Certification.

Train The Trainer Process

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