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Why 382 Corporate Trainers and People Developers from around the world Transformed their Career, their Income and Their Personal Lives With the DC Psychology Train the Trainer Certification

What do I get in this life changing Train the Trainer workshop and Corporate Trainer Certification?

How can this help my success in life, my relationships, my business or career?

What will I get with  6 modules and 4 Corporate Trainer Certifications?

What are the modules?

a. Being right module.

The first module of this Train the Trainer course shows why your brain justifies behavior does not support your success and how that affect your future and the people around you. Supports Your ability to act intelligently and support others to do the same. Helps you to stop frustration and anger and prevent reaction while focusing on objectives and coach others to achieve the same.

b. Colored Brain certification:

 HOW you do things! The genetic way your brain interprets and processes information, initiate action and gets clarity… and how to use this to create synergy, influence, and extraordinary understanding within teams and relationships. Improve efficiency, communication and get more done in groups while having better relationships and develop others to do the same.

c. Emotional drive and motivation certification:

WHY you do things! The foundation of understanding what motivates people and how “Motivation Clusters” affect team performance. Being able to apply emotional influence to increase commitment and improve relationships. This module also teaches the famous “Mind Reading” profiling process which can be used in hiring, career planning and improving relationships.

d. Postures and the mind-body connection:

Learn the power of purposeful mood creation, change your energy and the group’s energy the group you’re in by using DC postures and Postures strategy. The Postures are also applied to transforming your ability to captivate and move an audience and they emotional state.

e. Dynamic speaking and facilitation certification:

This is the Advance  “Train the Trainer” – Applying Directive Communication Psychology models like Colored Brain, Emotional Drive, Postures, Directive questioning and the unique Identity Enhancement process, plus meticulously designed retention and implementation strategies to give trainers, facilitators and coaches the “results” advantage. Captivate and connect with audiences and move them to action with 18 specific DC Psychology Train the Trainer Strategies that give you a CLEAR advantage over others trainers and Coaches.

f. Curriculum development certification :

Combining your current experience and skill sets with Directive Communication Psychology to create and deliver keynote speeches, workshops and coaching that get up to 42% more retention, 38 % more implementation than other experience training

Prefer to Talk Right NOW?

What happens when You Join our Certified Corporate Trainer Team

Hear What Super Star Marketing Guru Azizan Osman says about his journey to get DC Certified at the DC Train the Trainer, Corporate Trainer Certification

Train The Trainer Program

When You Become a DC Psychology Certified People Developer/Trainer/Speaker:

  • You WILL get up to 42% Better results in Retention of your training content, and 38% more implementation of skills and behaviors learned
  • Build better Relationships, business and More Return business.
  • Get 4 Internationally Recognized Certifications in Directive Communication Psychology that are Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology.
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  • Each Train the Trainer Module Includes the Full Set of Training Manuals, Facilitator’s Guides, DVDs, CDs, Slides, Participants Manuals and Handouts, Marketing Materials, and Proprietary DC Tools created by Arthur Carmazzi. Both the Online components of the course and the Offline components use Proprietary DC tools and Assessments to achieve learning and perception change goals.
    Train the trainer tools
    • PLUS the Product Resale Rights and Trainer Business Starter Package with you OWN Website. You will be able to revisit the Online Training component anytime you want, and there are no fees to re-attend the Certification anywhere in the world.

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Train the Trainer Bali, Arthur Carmazzi’s Resort – Avalon

Be Trained Personally by Arthur Carmazzi and get a FREE Extra Day to Teach you International Marketing for Your Corporate Trainer Certification

Trainer CertificationVENUE: Arthur Carmazzi’s Avalon Villa Resort, Ubud
DATE: March 4th- 10th, 2018

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Including These Bonuses

Bonus #1: One extra day of marketing strategies that I used to become an internationally recognized speaker/trainer and how you can use these to develop a Super Brand as a corporate trainer where people are chasing you instead of you chasing business. This is a $480 value…  but while the Money Making potential of the DC Psychology Trainer Certification already puts you at the TOP of the earning potential with our Special Tools, Global Reputation, and International Accreditation for the People Development industry… if you are a corporate trainer or coach, this will put you OVER the Top  with 8 easy strategies you can implement in 2 hours a day.

Bonus #2: Access to the full online corporate trainer library and training on Directive Communication Psychology so you can review the knowledge, training methods, and research anytime forever. A $1280 valueArthur Carmazzi

Bonus #3: Free Retakes of the corporate trainer certification program in any country, forever. You will always be up to date with the latest research, marketing, and stay current with your skills and knowledge. (Priceless)

Bonus #4: Unlimited Personal Coaching on DC applications and implementations for one year by me. ($12,000 value)

Train the Trainer Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Trained by DC Master Trainer Lily Lau

1. Colored Brain Certification (Module 1)
2. Full Directive Communication Certification (Module 1 -4) for 7.5 days

Arthur CarmazziThe Bali DC Psychology Train the Trainer Certification will be conducted by Arthur F Carmazzi LIVE, Founder of the Directive Communication Psychology and ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 thought leaders in leadership. Get the latest research and applications of DC in action directly from the founder.

Participants are allowed to use the “Personally Trained by Arthur Carmazzi” Badge on their website and materials.

The total investment varies depending on WHERE you take it and WHO is doing the Certification. Regardless of location and the trainer, you will receive the complete online components, 4 internationally accredited modules which are a prerequisite for all others, DVDs, Audios, Manuals, training tools, assessments, and facilitation guides and flash cards. Please click on the buttons below to choose your preferred location. If you are getting the certification directly from Arthur Carmazzi, these are only in Bali at Arthur’s Avalon Resort. Please also have a look at our payment policy

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